Men want to feel emotionally connected with a woman. You can show this by being an active listener and sharing personal experiences with him.

He also wants to be acknowledged and noticed on a regular basis. This doesn’t have to be a daily thing, but a small gesture can go a long way.

1. A sense of humor

Humor is an important indicator of intelligence, and women are attracted to men who can make them laugh. However, it’s not necessarily the type of humor that matters, according to Healthline.

Studies have shown that women with funny partners experience more orgasms and initiate sex more often. But why? Researchers speculate that it’s because women find humorous men more attractive. A sense of humor is also associated with extroversion, another desirable trait for a woman.

2. Open communication

Men crave a woman that they can open up to. This includes expressing their feelings, asking for help and discussing their deepest hopes and fears.

They want a woman who can communicate on a mature level and won’t overreact in serious situations. This is what makes them feel like they can trust her. He wants a woman who can make him laugh and create memorable moments together.

3. Positive vibes

Men love positive energy. They want to feel loved and appreciated for their efforts. They like when a woman compliments him and isn’t afraid to show off her assets.

Playing with his nipples and touching him all over his body gives him that sense of intimacy and passion that every guy craves. This is what makes him fall for her. He wants to be with her for the long haul.

4. Confidence

Men crave a woman who can make them feel positive and filled with energy. They also love women who are confident and can carry themselves well.

This doesn’t mean that she needs to be overly sexy or popular but that she can stand on her own two feet. Real confidence is something that can be learned – it’s all about belief in yourself!

5. A caring nature

A man loves a woman who is open and honest about her feelings. He doesn’t like a woman who is shy and beats around the bush.

Men love physical intimacy, not only sex but even non-sexual touch. Cuddling, hugging from behind, playing with their hair makes them feel cherished and cared for.

Watch this video to learn the one specific emotional trigger within every masculine man that makes him want to take care of you and worship you.

6. A good listener

Men love women who understand and sympathize with what they are going through. Whether it is a bad day at work or their deepest hopes and fears, they want a woman who can show them that she cares about them.

However, this isn’t something you can do all the time. Make sure to only ask for emotional support when he is not tired or irritated.

7. A good cook

Traditionally, men look for women who can cook and be domestic goddesses. But times are changing and so is the mindset.

Many women find men who know their way around the kitchen to be very attractive. They believe that this translates to the bedroom too. The kitchen is an incredibly erotic place. It’s all about pleasing others just like sex. So why not a man who can do both?

8. A good dancer

Men love physical intimacy and this does not have to be limited to sex. Touching their neck, playing with their hair or hugging them from behind gives them a sense of attachment and passion.

According to a study by researchers at Northumbria University, good dancers make use of the body’s frame, which allows them to properly feel the lead’s movement. They also swivel their knees to show that they’re listening to the music.

9. A good athlete

Men want a woman who can perform well in sports. Sharing similar interests is also a big draw.

Non-sexual physical intimacy is also something that every man craves for. Cuddling, touching their neck or hair lovingly reaffirms the physical and emotional connection. It is these small carefree moments that are the key to building trust in a relationship. Empathy and compassion are highly attractive qualities in women as well.

10. A good writer

Men love words and the ability to convey a message. They love to read books and magazines as well as enjoy intellectual conversations. They crave women who can help them with their writing whether it’s giving them input or a helping hand with their manuscript. They also love to be complimented. This makes them feel wanted and appreciated. They like a woman with a feminine radiance.